The Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association was founded in 1975 to provide a game of hockey, either at the house league or the all-star level, for the youth of the Mount Pearl area including the City of Mount Pearl and eventually the Southlands. We operate out of the two arenas at the Mount Pearl Glacier on Olympic Drive. Our offices are located at the Glacier Arena.

We are members of both the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Association, a branch of the Hockey Canada, and the Mount Pearl Sport Alliance, an association formed to enhance sports within the City of Mount Pearl. As a member of these groups we adhere to the Fair Play policy of Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador and the proposals of the Ethic in Sports policy created by the Sport Alliance.

Our philosophy is to develop a positive tradition of hockey pride in our community, province and country that encourages fitness, socialization, teamwork, self confidence and hockey development in an environment that promotes fun, respect, fair play and sportsmanship without intimidation or criticism.
MP U9 Exile Invitational Team 2024.pdf
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U18 Provincial Team Rosters 2023-2024 1.pdf
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Appendix C Replacement Players 4.pdf
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Appendix B - Team Expenditure Guidelines 2.pdf
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U15 Club League Evaluation Roster - 2.pdf
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MP Blades Girls U11Tier II 2023-24 Teams.pdf
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Appendix A Staff Responsibilities All-Star Teams 1.pdf
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U18 Evalution Teams Rosters.pdf
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U 15 Phase 1 Session 2.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
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U15 Phase 1 Revised .xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
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U 13 Goalie Schedule October 3.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
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MP Blades Girls U11 2023-24 Teams.pdf
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U 13 Phase 1 Session 2.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
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U13 Phase 1 Revised Sept. 30 .xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
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U18 Skate Oct. 1 2023 - List.pdf
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2023-24 U11 House League Evaluation Groups.docx.pdf
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U 11 C and D Update.docx.pdf
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U 11 Selections.docx.pdf
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U15 Extra Skate Sessions.pdf
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Blades Flyer 2023.pdf
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Girls Preason Camps Groups and Schedules - Sheet1 4.pdf
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Goalie Groups and Schedule - Sheet 2.pdf
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U9 Preseason Camp Groups and Schedule - Sheet1 2.pdf
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