description Junior Coaching Application

Section 1: Requirements

All Junior Coach applicants must be a registered member with MPMHA. The final selection is at the discretion of the MPMHA Board of Directors. As per HNL guidelines, all applicants must be a minimum of 13 years of age during the 2023/24 season.

Section 2: To be completed by all Applicants

Requirements: Junior Coaches are required by HNL to wear on ice Helmet/Mask, Neck Guard, Gloves, Stick and Skates to be covered by HNL players insurance

Section 3: Divisions Available to Junior Coaches (Check all box(s) requesting)


Please be advised that MPMHA may limit the number of participants accepted for this program. Applicants will be considered based on relevant experience and needs of the Jr. Coach program. Final selection is at the discretion of the Board of Directors, Mount Pearl Blades Minor Hockey Association.

The junior coach program will operate at the Development and House League levels only.Junior Coaches are not eligible to be on the bench for HNL Provincials.

Section 3: Junior Coaching Experience

Coaching Reference: Please provide the name of the Head Coach in the division you were assigned to last season

Section 5: MPMHA Coach Development Agreement

As an approved MPMHA Junior Coach,

I agree to follow the direction of the Head Coach of the Division and or Team I am assigned too. To abide by personal equipment rules for Junior Coaches and to perform my duties with safety in mind while on and off the ice at all times.

I understand that MPMHA reserves the right to remove any junior coach that does not comply with this agreement.

I affirm the above information to be true and accurate