U11C/D U13B / U15B Developmental Team Selection Process


The following is an overview of the MPMHA Developmental team Tryout Process:


  • Players must attend both tryout games in order to be eligible to play on any of the developmental teams.


  • As communicated previously all of these teams are being picked to participate in 2022 programs that will begin in January. There will be no ice time for these teams prior to January 2022. 


  • All players registered for tryouts prior to the established deadline will be placed on a team for two (2) games . 


  • There will be a minimum of one (1) bench coach for each team. Note: The bench coach assigned will have no children trying out for a spot in the same division in which they are the bench coach.


  • Each game will be evaluated by independent evaluators. The evaluators will be qualified and respected members of local minor hockey who have coached at higher levels and have vast hockey experience. The evaluators will not operate, or have interest in, any privately-owned hockey schools and they will not have any children in the same division with MPMHA in which they are evaluating.


  • All players and goaltenders will be assigned a jersey number for the evaluations. These jersey numbers will be utilized during the process to identify the athlete. At no time during the process will a child’s name be used during evaluations.


  • The selection process will be solely based on the evaluators ranking. The MPMHA executive, Technical Directors and coaches will have no influence on these rankings.


  • Game format for each division;


U 11 C/D 

- Teams will play 3 x 14 min periods, run time. (Games will need to start on time, no pucks/shots prior to game)

- Buzzer every 2 mins, rapid change, players hustle off, new players to the puck.  


U13 B

- Teams will play 2 x 21 min periods, straight time.  


U15 B

- Teams will play 3 x 14 min periods, straight time.  


  • Penalties - Penalty shots in lieu of penalties. 


  • The B team in U13 and U15 will then automatically be composed of the 9 highest ranked forwards, the 6 highest ranked defense and the two highest ranked goalies.


  • The U11C team will comprise the 15 highest ranked players and the 2 highest ranked goalies. The U11D team will comprise the next 15 highest ranked players, and the next two highest ranked goalies. 

Those interested in submitting a coaching application for this team should submit their application by December 10th at 4pm .

Kind Regards,


MPMHA Executive & Board