New COVID Compliance Regulations for Glacier


1.      No more COVID forms.  We no longer have to complete the COVID assessment form online.  Parents should complete a COVID self-assessment (similar to the one for the schools) and players shouldn’t attend practices or games if so directed.  The primary use of the forms was for contract tracing.  This will now be done as follows.


For Players:  During practices, Managers will keep an attendance record of players and coaches.


For Parents/Spectators:  Parents/Spectators will sign in at the arena.  There will be a binder on the desk at the entrance.  Sanitize your hands after doing so.



2.     Two spectators will be allowed per player for games and practices- please note this is a trial basis and without compliance of below rules could return to one spectator. Please do your part. For games, Glacier security will be on hand to ensure that the total number of people in the arena does not exceed 100.  Once it does, no more people will be granted access.


3.     Glacier doors will be locked until 10 minutes prior to your on-ice session (game or practice).  They may also be locked once the on-ice session begins.


4.     Rules

·       NO entry until 10 minutes before ice session (doors locked until then)

·       NO food or drink 

·       MASKS to be worn at all times (spectators and coaches), masks to be worn by players upon entry even if they are wearing a helmet.

·       Coaches without a mask on or removing the mask on the bench may be assessed a misconduct penalty by officials.

·       EXIT building within 10 minutes after