Glacier Arena Covid 19 Policy Reminders


To Coaches, Managers, Players, Volunteers and Parents:

Participants can only enter Glacier 1 & 2 arenas 10 minutes before thier scheduled ice time.

Covid google form has to be completed before being allowed to enter the Glacier and participants must be masked up.

Players have to be half or fully dress on entry for their schedule ice time. Only one team is permitted per dressing room.

Participants have 10 minutes to leave the Glacier Arenas after their scheduled ice time to facilitate Covid 19 Cleaning procedures.

There is still only one parent/guardian permitted to acompany their player to his or her scheduled ice time at the Glacier Arenas.


These rules are even more important after the resent developments in cases of Covid 19 in our provinice. 

Lets do our best to keep this viris at bay and continue to play the game we love.


Admin - MPMHA