Hockey NL - ‘Coach of the Month’


Hockey NL is pleased to announce we will be continuing with the ‘Coach of the Month’ a minor hockey coach recognition program. This program aims to recognize a current coach who has gone above and beyond, throughout their coaching tenure, both on and off the ice.

The coach (Man/Woman) can be nominated by filling out an online application form. Each month, one coach will be selected. The coach who is chosen for that particular month will be featured on our website and social media accounts. The coach will also receive a Hockey NL coach package, which will include: Hockey NL coach bag, HNL polo shirt and other various items. Please CLICK HERE to complete the form.

 The ‘Coach of the Month’ will be announced the middle of each of month.

2023/24 Season – Eligible Coach of the Month

  • November 2023
  • December 2023
  • January 2024
  • February 2024
  • March 2024

*Please note you will only need to nominate a coach once. If a coach is not selected for a particular month, he or she will still be eligible for the remaining ‘Coach of the Month’ selections.


Thank You