August 29th Season Statement from MPMHA


As we embark on registration for the 2022 - 2023 we understand that you have many questions
and concerns as to what the hockey season will look like given the labor stoppage and the
uncertainty of us having access to our home rink.

Here is what we can say :

(1) The uncertainty of the strike doesn’t prevent us from conducting registration, we
have to prepare as if this will be a normal, uninterrupted season. The labor stoppage
could end any time and we could resume normal operations. So we strongly suggest
our members register their children as we work towards providing a program for all
ages. Please note as per Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador Regulation 2,
Residence Rule, Rule 200 (a.) In Minor and Female Hockey, except as hereinafter
provided, no player shall be registered as a member of, or compete for, a team if their
parents have not been a bona fide resident of the city, town, or rural area or zone
which has been established by the Branch, to which their team belongs.

(2) The board of directors have been working to secure ice time at other locations, as
was communicated, we have ice time in September and October to get our preseason
under way and our tryouts conducted. Beyond that we continue to work on securing
ice time but we cannot provide a firm schedule of what will be available and where,
all associations have programs of their own to run, so it is impossible for us to secure
a full time venue, but we will make every effort to secure what ice we can within the
metro area to provide to our groups.

(3) Our goal is to provide a full hockey season , should we not be able to offer the usual
allocation of hours / ice time that we normally offer in a hockey season we would
provide refunds.

We can appreciate your concerns over what your child’s hockey season will look like, but at this
point we cannot say with certainty what our program will look like from October to April as with
a labor interruption there are too many unknowns. All we can ask of our members is to register
your child and be patient with our volunteer board who is working tirelessly to provide a
program for our Blades families.