Return to Hockey Guidelines - MPMHA


Return To Hockey Guidelines

Updated - September 21, 2021

MPMHA has worked in partnership with Hockey Canada/Hockey NL and the City of Mount Pearl to develop an appropriate return to hockey plan. Our purpose is to ensure that every phase of our return to hockey is undertaken with an abundance of caution while respecting the safety of our Players, Coaches, Officials, Administrators and Volunteers. HNL/MPMHA’s plan focuses on making the return to hockey a fun and positive experience while maintaining safety for all members.


The Return to Hockey plan is designed to encompass the 2021-2022 season. Our plan is adaptable and will be modified in response to the changing conditions of the COVID 19 pandemic within Newfoundland and Labrador. By respecting physical distancing, in addition to encouraging and maintaining good hygiene in our facilities, all members of MPMHA/HNL will be better prepared to respond effectively


Glacier Arena Guidelines


  1. Masks are mandatory in the facility at all times by all patrons.


  1. All players are required to wear a buff/mask when on the bench as physical distancing can not be maintained. 


  1. Coaches are to wear buffs/masks at all times on the ice and on the bench. 


  1. Time keepers must keep masks on at all times, even while in the box alone.


  1. Food and Beverages are permitted to be brought into the facility. Masks can be lowered to consume but put back in place and also dispose of their garbage when finished.


  1. All must physical distance at all times (6’ distance) Signage is in the buildings.


  1. Dressing rooms -  players and coaches can use the dressing rooms but must keep their masks on at all times. If a player needs assistance getting dressed only one parent is allowed to be in the dressing room. Dressing Rooms will be available ½ hour before icetime and must be vacated ASAP to allow for clean. No meetings are permitted in dressing rooms or in the common space.


  1. Water bottles are to be filled before coming to the arena.


  1. Spectators are asked to not hang around in the common area after the ice session.


  1. Team managers/Group Coordinators are asked to keep a attendance of players so if contact tracing is required we would be able to supply that info to the Public Health.