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NTV and Growlers Teddy Toss Collection
MPMHA is EXCITED to be a drop off point for the NTV-NL Growlers Teddy Toss 2020. In a year like no other, the Salvation Army NEEDS our help to collect 6000 toys/teddys for children in need!   This is what we ask:   - each Glacier will have a BLUE BIN near the entrance. They will be labelled for collection for the Teddy Toss - Deadline is Dec. [Full Story]
[2020-12-03 08:07:02]
Reminder to MPMHA Coaches - Mask Protocol
All coaches are required to keep their nose and mouth covered by a mask while in the rink and on the bench during games. The only exception is when going on the ice for practice session, then and only then a coach can remove their mask. Please follow the Covid 19 Preceedures that have been put in place so that we can continue to play the game we all love. [Full Story]
[2020-12-01 06:49:39]
Glacier Arena Covid 19 Policy Reminders
To Coaches, Managers, Players, Volunteers and Parents: Participants can only enter Glacier 1 & 2 arenas 10 minutes before thier scheduled ice time. Covid google form has to be completed before being allowed to enter the Glacier and participants must be masked up. Players have to be half or fully dress on entry for their schedule ice time. Only one team is permitted per dressing room. Participants have 10 minutes to leave the Glacier Arenas after their scheduled ice time to facilitate Covid 19 Cleaning procedures. [Full Story]
[2020-11-25 08:41:52]
Breakaway Foundation Tickets Now available
Every Kid deserves to play! Breakaway Fall Ticket Sweep Only 200 tickets to be sold. Grand Prize $10,000.00 Tickets cost $100.00 To puchase a ticket Please contact MPMHA office at 364-5352 to make arrangments. [Full Story]
[2020-11-18 11:01:08]
Tim's NHL Cards are Back
NHL Hockey Cards are back at @TimHortons! Play on the app to win over 70,000 prizes including a trip to the 2021 Stanley Cup Final. Collect them all now at your local #TimHortons! 
[2020-11-17 07:52:36]
U7 Groups (updated)
See League Info for a list of the updated U7 Groups
[2020-11-05 11:27:25]
U9 Teams
U9 Team lists can be found under League Info
[2020-11-04 08:18:09]
U11 and U13 House League Teams
Team rosters can be found under League Info. 
[2020-11-03 06:01:45]


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On Deck
All-star U11 A
Date(s): 2020-10-01 :: 2021-04-30, Mount Pearl, NL
All-star U11 B
Date(s): 2020-10-01 :: 2021-05-30, Mount Pearl, NL
Date(s): 2020-10-01 :: 2021-05-30, Mount Pearl, NL
MPMHA Girls U12
Date(s): 2020-09-14 :: 2021-03-30, Mount Pearl, NL
MPMHA Girls U15
Date(s): 2020-09-14 :: 2021-03-30, Mount Pearl , NL
MPMHA Girls U9
Date(s): 2020-09-14 :: 2021-03-30, Mount Pearl , NL
Date(s): 2020-10-01 :: 2021-05-30
Date(s): 2020-10-01 :: 2021-03-30, Mount Pearl, NL
Date(s): 2020-10-02 :: 2021-03-30
Date(s): 2020-04-13 :: 2021-04-15
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